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To all metal guitar aficionados! A work that will change your way of playing and composing guitar riffs.

“Metal Brasileiro” is a book series that brings the wealth and variety of the main rhythms found in different areas of Brazil applied to the guitar focused on metal.


The first volume combines the samba swing, an unmistakable style well known around the world as “the face of Brazil” with the aggressiveness of metal resulting in a different “accent”. This becomes evident in the examples where the same guitar riff is recorded at first on a metal groove and then on a samba groove, where the idea originally came from.

Its objective is to collaborate in the technical development of this musical style and to provide new ways to create guitar riffs.

Besides being a book concerning the guitar, it also opens the possibility of studies for drummers.

Learn how to build interesting rhythmic guitar riffs. 

- CD with 64 tracks containing examples and exercises written in scores for drums, guitar and tablature.

- Over 30 guitar riffs developed over different samba grooves such as: Samba-Funk, Samba-de-Roda, Partido-Alto, Telecoteco,  among others.

- Over 25 important samba phrases and rhythmic cells presented in different execution forms on the guitar, linked to the technique of the right hand.

- Contains a quick history of each rhythm or variation of the presented samba

- Includes a song from the band Claustrofobia

- Foreword by Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)





Part from the foreword written by Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)


“... Now, from one of the icons of Brazilian Metal and its experiences, comes up this fantastic book, where you are going to find a detailed study of some of Brazilian rhythms that can be used to create cells and riffs for Heavy Metal. (...)
This is a very important and innovative work about the subject, I mean, a topic never ever noticed this way or analyzed by any great guitar master, as Alexandre has been doing now. Undoubtedly, this is an extremely rich research that can enhance even more the compositional process of heavy guitarists and drummers throughout the world. (...)
Make music without prejudice.”

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